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Our Fees
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Our planning permission service covers the whole of England, construction project management service cover London and Surrey.
PDSPre-Design Survey£180
IDSInitial Design Scheme£500
IDS3DInitial Design Scheme plus 3D visualisation£800
3DV3D Design & Visualisation£1200
PPSPlanning Permission for a single storey extension or loft conversion£1200
PPTPlanning Permission for two storey or combined extensions (e.g. extension with loft conversion)£1800
BRDBuilding Regulations Drawings for a single storey extension or loft conversion£1500
BRTBuilding Regulations Drawings for two storey or combined extensions£2100
PAFPlanning Application Fee£172
BCPBuilding Control Plan£300
BCIBuilding Control Inspection£500
SEFStructural Engineer Fee£500
- Pre-Design Survey:

This is usually the first step; we do a visit to your property for taking notes of the proposed “work whether it’s only adding one room, loft conversion, multiple storey extension or a new build”, taking photos, measurements and sketching floor plans. This step is needed for other services we provide like planning permission or any design scheme.
We usually schedule the visit within three working days from the day we receive the payment. The visit can take up to three hours depending on the size of proposal.

- Initial Design Scheme:

We draw the floor plans of the existing and proposed project. You will be in touch with one of our architects who may suggest other options to achieve your goal. We produce both 2d and 3d floor plans as well as a cost spreadsheet of the proposed building work. We then upload them to your online account created for you to view or download. This service can take up to two weeks to complete.

- Initial Design Scheme plus 3D Visualisation:

After completing the initial design scheme stage, we apply the proposed materials to your structure and produce up to 10 HD photorealistic images to help you visualise your structure from all different angles with different colours of your choice.

- 3D Design & Visualisation:

This service can be started straight after the “Pre-Design Survey”; we highly recommend this service to you as it will save you time, money and worry, ensuring no bad surprises after construction work. You will be able to visualise whatever in your mind and see it as real on the screen.
One of our architects will guide you and draw up to three different proposals and produce up to 10 HD photorealistic images for each one. You’ll be able to visualise each structure from all different angles and you can try out different materials textures and colours of your choice.

- Planning Permission Service:

We develop the drawings produced from the “Initial Design Scheme” or "3D Design & Visualisation Service" into technical drawings and also prepare site and block plans. We discuss with you the type of materials you want to use for the proposal and suggest the one in favour to your application.
After completing all drawings needed, we fill the planning application. Before submission of all documents, drawings will be ready to view online for your approval. Once we receive your approval, we will submit it to the local council planning department.
We act as your agent from start to finish as we will take care of any supporting documents, required such as design and access statement as well as we will communicate and deal with any negotiations with your local council planning department.
In case of application refusal, all refusal reasons raised by your local council planning officer will be taken into account and amended accordingly. We will then re-submit at NO EXTRA COST. We usually take around two weeks for this service; your local planning department can take up to 12 weeks.

- Building Regulations Drawings:

In this stage, we develop the Planning Application Drawings into building drawings to obtain building regulations approval as well as for builders to construct your project, in accordance with relevant building regulations, such as structural stability, thermal performance, fire protections, ventilations etc.
We recommend sustainable materials to suit your proposal and budget and specify in detail the exterior materials, electrics, plumbing, doors and windows etc. Your proposal may need a structural or thermal engineer for calculations so we deal and work with them as one team to complete your proposal drawings.
Similar to our Planning Permission Service, we act as your agent from start to finish and we will take care of any supporting documents as required, all correspondences or revisions. This service can take up to 4 weeks.

Third Party Fees:
- Planning Application Fee:

This fee is paid to your local council planning department to obtain a planning permission.

- Building Control Fees:

This fee is divided into plan fee and inspection fee; the plan fee is paid to council building control for handling and inspecting the drawings. Inspection fee is paid to the building control inspector for inspecting the work on site.

- Structural Engineer Fee:

It depends on the complexity of your proposal structure; the fee may vary but it is typically £500.