Global Build Ltd

Registered in England Number 06339463

Ember Lane
Esher KT10 8ER

27 Old Gloucester Street,
London WC1N 3AX
United Kingdom

We are a friendly client-oriented architectural consultancy company managing construction projects.
Global Build Ltd has established a reputation for combining outstanding design with the highest level of professional services. Our Global Build team comprises of highly experienced architects and building contractors offering a “one-stop-shop” from planning to construction.

Why choose us?

- All construction work will be carried out by qualified professional building contractors, who are some of the best in the whole of England.
- We are up to date with the latest building technology and materials with proven efficiency, functionality and good value for money.
- We provide on-going support and advice during the project and update you regularly with the progress.
- Your project will be managed by an experienced project manager capable of taking the right decisions and practical solutions instantly as they occur during the project.
- All documents, drawings, warranties, invoices or receipts will be digitalised and available for you to view online.
- We are flexible as you can manage the project yourself and we are happy to step in whenever you need us on hourly rate basis.
- All work is covered by indemnity insurance and “we are proud of not having a single claim filed”.

Why build something you're not sure about?

Instead of building an ordinary structure, why not build a well planned bespoke one. When approaching each project, our aim is to provide not only a creative and focused response to client’s needs and aspirations, but also to the unique opportunities presented by each site.

Our architects make you visualise all drawings using the latest 3D technology before construction. You will be able to walk through the drawings room by room and try out different colours, materials, textures, lighting, fittings, layouts and styles. You will be impressed by how realistic it will look; saving you time, money and worry. All these are to ensure no bad surprises at project completion.

We offer a wide range of in-house services that allow us to provide solutions nearly to all building needs. We listen, advise and work hard in a flexible manner to deliver outstanding results.

Our project managers are with at least 10 years of experience in the field and must have professional qualifications to ensure your project is completed to the highest standards, according to the specified budget and in a timely manner.